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The Quiet American, Graham Greene

jueves, 26 abril 2007

Death was far more certain than God, and with death there would be no longer the daily possibility of love dying. The nightmare of a future of boredom and indifference would lift. I could never have been a pacifist. To kill a man was surely to grant him an inmesurable benefit. Oh yes, people everywhere loved their enemies. It was their friends they preserved for pain and vacuity.

(pág. 36)

Wouldn’t we all do better not trying to understand, accepting the fact that not human being will ever understand another, not a wife a husband, a lover a mistress, nor a parent a child? Perhaps that’s why men have invented God -a being capable of understanding. Perhaps if I wanted to be understood or to understand I would bam-boozle myself into belief, but I am a reporter; God exists only for leader-writers.

(pág. 52)

But I had never desired faith. The job of a reporter is to expose and record. I had never in my career discovered the inexplicable.

(pág. 80)

– I laugh at anyone who spends so much time writing about what doesn’t exist -mental concepts.
– They exist for him. Haven’t you got any mental concpets? God for instance?
– I have no reason to believe in a God. Do you?

(pág. 85)

I’ve seen a priest, so poor he hasn’t a change of trousers, working fifteen hours a day from hut to hut in a cholera epidemic, eating nothing but rice and salt fish, saying his Mass with an old cup -a wooden platter. I don’t believe in God and yet I’m for that priest.

(pág. 87)

We are all either liberal conservatives or liberal socialists: we all have a good conscience.

(pág. 88)

– You don’t believe in Him, do you?
– No
– Things to me wouldn’t make sense to me without Him
– They don’t make sense to me with him.

(pág. 97)

…one didn’t in the East reprove children.

(pág. 116)

«Sooner or later» Heng said, and I was reminded of Captain Trouin speaking in the opium house, «one has to take sides. If one is to remain human».

(pág. 166)

…there’s no such thing as gratitude in politics

(pág. 168)

Find me an uncomplicated child, Pyle. When we are young we are a jungle of complications. We simplify as we get older.

(pág. 168)

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