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Schismatrix, Bruce Sterling

lunes, 16 agosto 2010

There’s a natural alliance between actors and whores

(pág. 17)

…They want to be entertained, not clubbed by some ancient relic. They want to know about real people, not savages.

– But that’s not human culture.

– So what?

(pág. 36)

Politics pulls things together, technology blows them apart.

(pág. 118)

Mankind no longer exists

(pág. 150)

…-those aren’t philosophies, they’re techologies made into politics. The technologies are at the core of it.

(pág. 151)

I’m not concerned with ideology. What concerns me is the future.

(pág. 155)

The future belongs to Posthumanism, Linday. Not to nation-states, not to factions. It belongs to life, and life moves in cadles.

(pág. 171)

Too much dignity cripples a man. Fanatics never laugh.

(pág. 192)

Nations don’t last in this era. Only people last, only plans and hopes…. I can only offer you what I have. I don’t have safety. I have freedom.

(pág. 213)

Bruce Sterling, Ace Books 1996