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Micro-serfs, Douglas Coupland

domingo, 2 abril 2006

I go by the Tootsie theory: that if you concoct a convincing online metapersonality on the Net, then the personality IS you. With so few things around nowadays to loan a person identity, the palette of identities you create for yourself in the vacuum of the Net – your menu of alternative “you’s” – actually IS you. Or an isotope of you. Or a photocopy of you.

Es decir, Berlin Smith es él mismo, o quien quiera que sea el que usa su nombre


Bill is a moral force, a spectral force, a force that shapes, a force that molds,. A force with thick, thick glasses

Pensemos que toda nuestra vida transcurre mirando ventanas.

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If machines would talk to us, what would they say?

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Did the neutron bomb actually get built?

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We’re human, we’re amnesia machines

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I wonder if we oversentimentalize the power of books

Do you?

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, Harper Perennial 2004