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Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin

sábado, 29 abril 2006

Most of the Baabe boys are nazis. Two of them come into the restaurant sometimes and engage us in good-humoured political arguments. They tell us about their field-excercises and military games.

«Your preparing for war», says Peter indignantly. On these occasions – although he has really not the slightest interest in politics – he gets quite heated.

«Excuse me», one of the boys contradicts, «that’s quite wrong. The Fürher does not want war. Our programme stands for peace, with honour. All the same…» he adds wistfully, his face lighting up, «war can be fine you know! Think of the ancient Greeks!»

«The ancient Greeks», I object, «didn’t use poison gas».

The boys are rather scornful at this quibble. One of them answers loftily, «That’s a purely technical question»

(pág. 121)

, Vintage Classics, 2004