The End of the Affair, Graham Greene

How twisted the humans are, and yet they say a God made us; but I find it hard to conceive of any God who is not as simple as a perfect equation, as clear as air.

(pág. 5)

And believe me God, I don’t believe in you yet, I don’t believe in you yet.

(pág. 81)

It doesn’t seem right praying to a God if you don’t believe in.

(pág. 119)

– Did you feel it was a failure?
– I feel that about all my books.

(pág. 124)

…prostitutes have a great respect for sentiment.

(pág. 142)

, Penguin Books USA 2004


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  1. Neus Dice:

    «The End of The Affair» me pareció una novela demoledora. Sin embargo, al leerla no retuve las referencias religiosas que subrayas. Me quedé más con el discurso sobre la infidelidad.Gran idea la de Letras Menudas. las comparto todas, menos Paul Auster. I am so, so sorry, but no.