Paul Auster, Oracle Night

We write books, don’t we? What else can you expect from people like us?

(Esto, Sartine, es un homenaje a ti)


– No thanks. I’m a married man. I have everything I need at home.
– Every man say that. But the dick always wins out over duty.


…because even the best people do bad things.


Words could kill, he discovered. Words could alter reality, and therefore they were too dangerous to be entrusted to a man who loved them above everything else.

(pag. 188)

Maybe that’s what writing is all about, Sid. Not recording events from the past, but making things happen in the future.


, Faber & Faber, 2004


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  1. Sartine Dice:

    Oye gracias por el regalo, que me encanta. ¿Te pongo los dientes largos?, mi agente es la agente de Auster en España, ya estamos más cerca de Brooklyn de lo que parece!

  2. ;-) Dice:

    ¿la que le consigue 400 dólares por publicar en Portugal? 🙂 Eso es de Oracle Night. Bueno, ya falta menos.

  3. Sartine Dice:

    Y aunque fuese gratis, hermano, que te conozco 🙂

  4. ;-) Dice:

    Venga, excursión a NY en enero